Tragedy: Mother with conjoined twins knows one will die

A Minnesota woman had to endure joy spiked with heartbreak as she gave birth to conjoined twin girls in Colorado, knowing full well that although hopefully one of them would survive, they both couldn't. Amber McCullough gave birth to little Hannah and Olivia this week at Children's Hospital of Colorado. It took five hours for doctors to separate them in surgery, a surgery … [Read more...]

Your old neurotic lover really was a creative genius says new research– But, No, it probably wouldn’t have worked out


Have you  ever dated someone who's creativity  and passion blew you away-- and yet their OCD neurotic tendencies made you scramble for the door? Turns out that combination is  common and not just your perception.  Researchers from The Kings College London published physical findings that demonstrate the phenomena this past week in Trends in Cognitive Sciences.  Their resea … [Read more...]

Intel ponies up in $100 Million round for Mirantis


. Mirantis, the Mountain View based "pure play" Open Stack company, announced in a Press Release that Intel Capital led a $100 million funding round, joining existing investors Insight Venture Partners, August Capital, and Others. Intel, in a blog post, indicated that "Our ultimate goal is delivery of a choice of optimized solutions to the marketplace for use by enterprise … [Read more...]

Injected ‘good’ fat can help reduce weight gain, lower blood-glucose levels: Study


Scientists have discovered a new method of injecting energy-burning "good" fat that can help reduce weight gain and lower blood-glucose levels. The researchers used a specifically tailored hydrogel to "scaffold" and control an implant containing stem cells to form a functional brown-fat-like tissue. While white fat -- the kind associated with obesity -- stores excess … [Read more...]

Workplace anxiety adversely affects job performance: Study


New study suggests workplace anxiety can adversely affect job performance. To reach this conclusion, professors Julie McCarthy and John Trougakos, along with Bonnie Cheng from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, explored the effects of workplace anxiety among officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), a national police service. They found that high levels of … [Read more...]